May 25, 2020

January 22, 2005

Fields Institute Mathematics Education Forum
January 22, 2005

Present: Rob Andrews, Ed Barbeau, Trish Byers, Stewart Craven, Shirley Dalrymple, Lynda Graham, Bradd Hart, Gary Halmer, Bryn Harris, Robin Kay, John Kezys, Diane Lang, Miroslav Lovric, Ann Kajander, Francisco Kibedi, Donna Kotsopoulos, Cecilia Kutas, Kenning Marchant, Dragana Martinovic, Kevin Maxie, Immaculate Namukasa, Mollie O'Neil, Jamie Pyper, Len Rak, Tom Salisbury, Riaz Saloojee, Margaret Sinclair, Peter Taylor, Walter Whiteley, Otto Zander

Meeting convened at 10am

1. Welcome

2. Future Meeting dates and topics
February 26, March 19, April 23, June 18

3. Reports
- OAME: Stewart Craven reported on the OAME Conference being held May 12 - 14 at York University. He distributed the program and noted that registration could be done on-line. Keynote speakers for the Conference will be David Suzuki, James Stigler and David Onley.
- OMCA: Stewart Craven reported the their Retreat will be in Niagara Falls this year and the focus will be on Lesson Study.
- OCMA: John Kezys reported on the upcoming OCMA conference, to be held at Talisman May 25-27, 2005 and Brochures were available.
- Stewart Craven reported that there was funding available for research from the new Literacy-Numeracy Secretariat
- Walter Whitely reported that sketchpad site licenses now apply to students. This question has not been decided for Fathom.

4. Overview of recent and ongoing research across Ontario,
Margaret Sinclair, York University - presentation available in PDF format here
Sample publications of Ontario Math Education researches - available in PDF format here

5. Use of Laptops in a Math Methods Course: Effects on Attitudes,
Technology Learned, and Use of Technology in Practice Teaching
Robin Kay, UOIT - presentation available in PDF format here

6. Conceptual Understanding and Values Of Elementary Teachers
Ann Kajander, Lakehead University - presentation available in PDF format here

7. A Comparison Of Secondary School Graduates' Mathematics Skills
Trish Byers, Georgian College - presentation available in PDF format here

8. Are Students Abusing Mathematics Online Help?
Dragana Martinovic, Sheridan College - presentation in PDF format here

9. Discussion:
Stewart Craven reported that the Ontario College of Teachers had created a panel to review teacher qualifications and that submissions or interest to submit were required to be recieved by the Ministry by February 11, 2005. It was agreed that Fields should make a submission and that Ann Kajander, Margaret Sinclair, Shirley Dalrymple, Kenning Marchant, Jamie Pyper and Dragana Martinovic would form a group to put together a letter of intent.

The need for networking Math Education researchers was stated. Should there be be ongoing Math Education research meetings in Ontario? Perhaps regularly at OAME meetings?

Walter Whitely will be chairing the February 26 meeting and requested presentations. An additional topic was introduced for a possible future meeting "What do you think of the new curriculum".

Meeting adjourned at 2:00 pm.