June  5, 2020

MINUTES - November 20, 2004

Fields Institute Mathematics Education Forum
November 20, 2004

Present: Denis Caron, Rina Cohen, Stewart Craven, Anna D'Armento, Shirley Dalrymple, Brent Davis, Tesia Dobosz, Gord Doctorow, Robert Donato, Sandra Fraser, George Gadanidis (chair), Dan Gillis, Barbara Graves, Bradd Hart, Leo Jonker, Robin Kay, John Kezys, Kathy Kubota-Zarivnij, Cecilia Kutas, Alex Lawson, Carol Ann LeMoine, Miroslav Lovric, Dragana Martinovic, Kevin Maxie, Joyce Mgombelo, Agnes Nemes, Fred Plufer, Geri Puritch, Jamie Pyper, Len Rak, Tom Salisbury, Tom Sepp, Rose Salerno, Anne-Marie Scullion, Joe Servidio, Margaret Sinclair, Rita Singh, Tom Sutton, M. Loredana Sposato, Chris Suurtamm, Peter Taylor, Walter Whiteley,

Meeting convened at 10am

1. Welcome

2. Future Meeting dates and topics
January 22, February 19, March 19, April 23, June 18

3. Reports
- OMCA: Stewart Craven reported on the Ministry's Grade 1 - 10 Curriculum Review. Reported that it was being discussed strand by strand for the elementary portion and course by course for the secondary portion.
- TDSB: Stewart Craven distributed a series of 8 posters illustrating different careers and what type of education was necessary for the respective careers. By Summer of 2005 there should be a group of 16 posters. They are looking at selling the poster to the school boards at cost and shipping to be used in grade 7, 8 and 9 in conjunction with guidance.
- OAME: The OAME conference is being held at York University - May 12-14, 2005 and is looking for new sessions.
- OCMA: John Kezys noted the upcoming OCMA conference, to be held at Talisman May 25-27, 2005
- Fred Pulfer commented on the Math Curriculum redesign.
- Tom Salisbury displayed the poster - Census at School Program and discussed the Sunday lectures at the Royal Canadian Institute as sometimes suitable for students.
- CMS: Bradd Hart reminded everyone about the CMS Math Education Forum being held May 5 - 8th. They are expecting approximately 200 people and are hoping invitations will go out early December.
- Margaret Sinclair circulated the tentative agenda for the January 22, 2005 Math Education Forum along with an Request for Information Sheet asking for research reports and presenters suitable for inclusion in the January meeting of the forum.

4. Teacher's Knowledge of Mathematics
Brent Davis from the University of Alberta reported on how courses in mathematics and mathematics-teaching methods are hitting and missing their target. The presentation to be available shortly in pdf format.

5. Junior Years Expert Panel Report
Alex Lawson reported on the Junior Years Expert Panel Report. A report is not available.

Meeting adjourned at 2:00 pm.