May 25, 2020

MINUTES - January 24, 2004

Present: Rob Andrews, Ed Barbeau, Steve Brown, Stewart Craven, Shirley Dalrymple, Ysbrand de Bruyn, Gord Doctorow, George Gadanidis, Lynda Graham, John Kezys, Bill Langford, Miroslav Lovric, Kenning Marchant, Dragana Martinovic, David Poole, Fred Pulfer, Tom Salisbury, Riaz Saloojee, Tom Sepp, Margaret Sinclair, Alexey Stakhov, Tom Sutton, Peter Taylor, Michael Vo, Jack Weiner, Walter Whiteley

1. Reports
- OAME, OMCA - Stewart Craven
- Canadian Math Teachers Society - Stewart Craven
- Online Task Force - George Gadanidis
- CMS Forum - Tom Salisbury
- other

2. Double Cohort
Presentations about the experience of universities and colleges with the double cohort students. The broader discussion addressed such questions as:
- Did Universities and Colleges find significant differences between the cohorts?
- What post-secondary program changes will follow from the new high school curriculum?
- How will the 2004 graduating class differ from the 2003 cohort(s)?
- What are the implications for the review of the secondary school curriculum?

Miroslav Lovric, McMaster University. Download presentation in PDF format here.

Gene Denzle, York University
-Huge variation among students: high school marks a weaker predictor of university success than one would predict
-Large percentage of those who dropped courses were from lower cohort
-Lower cohort students started off lower, but largely caught up

Ed Barbeau, University of Toronto. Download presentation in PDF format here.

Steve Brown, University of Waterloo

Jack Weiner, Guelph. Download presentation in PDF format here.

3. Engaging the new ministers (Education; Training, Colleges, and

4. Update on the "manifesto"

5. Topics for future meetings.