May 25, 2020

MINUTES - September 27, 2003

Present: Ed Barbeau, Cynthia Church, Stewart Craven, Ysbrand de Bruyn, Quentin D'Souza, George Gadanidis, Gila Hanna, Bradd Hart, John Kezys, Miroslav Lovric, Eric Muller, Maria Palladino, Tom Salisbury, Tom Steinke, Peter Taylor, Walter Whiteley

Regrets: Shirley Dalrymple, David Poole, Geoff Roulet

Steering committee
-Chairs: Tom Salisbury, George Gadanidis
-Univ reps: Bradd Hart, George Gadanidis
-School reps: Stewart Craven, Shirley Dalrymple
-Community reps: Gary Flewelling, Kenning Marchant

2003/4 meeting dates
-Sept 27, Oct 25, Nov 29
-Jan 24,Feb 28, Mar 27, Apr 24, May 29

Agenda for September 27, 2003
-Reports from task forces
-Online task force - status of reports
-Early Years initiative
-CMS Forum 2005 - Bradd
-Review of task forces
-Which ones are active? For what purposes?
-What task forces do want in place for 2003/4? - Bradd wants a task force for the CMS Forum in 2005 -Discussion of NSERC proposal for funding math education research centres -Discussion of agenda items for future meetings

Possible agenda items for future meetings
-TIPS (new 7/8/9 support) - George will call Irene M (Peel) -Ontario Math Curriculum Review - Stewart will talk to Anthony Azzopardi -Math and Art - John Kezys, Bill Ralph -JUMP - presentation by John Mighton at October 25th forum -Transitions - feedback on the double cohort's transition to university