The Texas Alliance for Science, Technology and Mathematics Education

College of Education, Department of Teaching, Learning and Culture
Texas A&M University

Director: Dr. Robert K. James


Texas A&M


To promote and share partnerships and their activities

To align Alliance projects with classroom needs and mandates

To showcase the accomplishments of Texas partnerships

  To enhance science, technology and mathematics curricula

To assist in incorporating technology in the classroom

To develop leadership, teamwork, and communication skills for all stakeholders

To provide Alliance services statewide


The primary strategy of the Texas Alliance is building partnerships. By fostering partnerships between schools and the private and public sectors, the Texas Alliance advocates a view of education that stresses: 1) Content knowledge and applications of science, technology and mathematics education in a real world context. 2) Collaborative partnerships among schools, colleges and universities, businesses, and agencies. 3) Preparation of all students for success in workforce environments of the future.


Membership includes representatives from business/industry, PK-12 education, colleges and universities, professional organizations, research laboratories, governmental agencies, and local communities.

Guiding Principles

A commitment to improving science, technology and mathematics education in Texas.


First Step - USDA/ARS scientists assist science teachers in implementing hands-on agri-science concepts in the classroom.

TTIP (Texas Teacher Internship Program) - Professional development opportunity for mathematics, science, and technology teachers to work directly with research scientists and mentors in industry, university, or government agency settings.

NSBRI - Teacher Academy Project (National Space Biomedical Research Institute) - This project is part of the Education and Outreach Program within the National Space Biomedical Research Institute. The Teacher Academy is creating a national cadre of teachers who are knowledgeable of the larger NSBRI project research and who are willing to develop and implement NSBRI concepts in their classrooms.

VTIP (Verizon Technology Implementation Project) - VTIP works with middle schools to integrate thematic approaches to teaching science, mathematics and technology.

Jason 1 Project - TOPEX Poseidon and the World Ocean Circulation Experiment, two very important oceanographic contributions to mission to Planet Earth, have produced important new insights into the global oceanic process. This project is focused on disseminating information from the joint results of these projects to a wider community.

Alliance Online School - The 'online school' provides links to 200+ sites where teachers can find useful curriculum and pedagogical information.


Science, Technology & YOUth Symposium - Annual symposium, held on the Texas A&M Campus the first Saturday in March, encourages high school students to consider careers in science, technology and mathematics by introducing them to current and evolving developments in those fields.

Texas Alliance Legislative Conference
on Science, Technology and Mathematics Education -
This conference provides a forum for leaders in industry, education, government and local communities to address current issues and organize resources to support science, technology and mathematics education as it relates to the success of our students, schools, local communities and the economic future of Texas.

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