Project 2061

American Association for the Advancement of Science

Director: George Nelson




Publication of texts, and CDs in science and mathematics education

Online resources for educators and education administrators

Evaluation of science and mathematics textbooks, online

Coordination of research in science and mathematics education

Professional development workshops


To change the way educators and members of the public think about the priorities and purposes of science, mathematics, and technology education. To make recommendations about what all students should know and be able to do in science, mathematics and technology by the time they leave high school.


National Council on Science and Technology Education

National Science Teachers Association

Guiding Principles

The improvement of science education in the United States


Science for All Americans; Benchmarks in Science Literacy; Blueprints for Reform; Dialogue on Early Childhood Science, Mathematics and Technology Education; Designs for Science Literacy; Atlas of Science Literacy

Professional Development

Focus on Standards for Science and Mathematics, workshop

Using Atlas of Science Literacy, workshop

Expanding Professional Communities

Since 1994, Project 2061 has conducted hundreds of workshops across the nation with thousands of teachers, administrators, and university faculty. Project 2061's customized programs meet the specific needs of educators who 1) teach students, 2) teach teachers, 3) design curriculum or develop instructional materials, 4) evaluate and select curriculum materials and assessments, 5) set standards for student learning, 6) manage staff development programs, or 7) formulate education policy.

Project Management Plan



Formative Evaluation Plans



Timeline of Project Activities

Founded in 1985