National Center for Mathematics Education, NCM

Göteborg University, Sweden

Director: Jan-Eric Sundgren, Chairman of the Board


Göteborg University, Sweden


• To develop a national, and on the web accessible, reference library for Swedish and international mathematics education literature as well as mathematical literature for teacher training

• To set up a national reference library for the text books and teaching aids in mathematics used in Sweden

• Develop a web site as a resource for teachers, teacher trainers, researchers and young students

• To register, analyze and describe the current state of Swedish research and development in mathematics didactic

• To maintain the Nämnaren Project, a journal for mathematics education


NCM will co-ordinate, support, develop and implement the contributions which promote Swedish mathematics education from pre-school to university college.



The NCM collaboration with the National Agency for Education, the National Agency for Higher Education, universities, university colleges, the municipalities and individual schools is intense and developed continually.

Guiding Principles

The improvement of mathematics education in Sweden.

Government Projects

NCM had, in November 1999, the assignment from the Swedish government to compile suggestions for the content of a competence development program in mathematics and mathematics didactics for teachers, as well as carrying out research-based development studies on mathematics education within certain priority areas.

The Nämnaren Project

• Nämnaren the journal for mathematics education, publishes four issues annually. Plans are made for a fifth issue in English.

Nämnaren's data base, a searchable data base which can be located via the NCM web site. The data base contains an outline of approximately 2300 articles published since the start in 1974.

• Nämnaren TEMA, to analyse the news, facilitate interpretation of the curriculum and evaluation, deal with the area of weaknesses in the field of Swedish mathematics education in compulsory and upper secondary schools documented in Swedish and international studies.

• The Mathematics Biennial 2000, the 11th mathematics biennial in Göteborg 27-29 January, 2000 - up to now the biggest biennial.

Project Management Plan

Jan-Eric Sundgren

Project Evaluation Plan


Formative Evaluation Plans


Timeline of Project Activities

NCM founded Jan 1 1999