Maryland Collaborative for Teacher Preparation

Principle Investigator: Dr. Kate Denniston


Towson University

Funded by the National Science Foundation


MCTP is an innovative, interdisciplinary undergraduate program to prepare future teachers of grades 4-8 who are confident in teaching mathematics and science and can provide exciting and challenging learning environments for all students.


• To introduce future teachers to standards-based models of mathematics and science instruction.

• To provide courses and field experiences that integrate mathematics and science.

• To provide internships that involve genuine research activities.

• To develop the participants' ability to use computers as standard tools for research and problem solving, as well as for imaginative classroom instruction (through training on how to incorporate calculators, microcomputer-based laboratories, and the Internet into their instructional practices).

• To prepare prospective teachers to deal effectively with the diversity of students in public schools today.

• To provide graduates with placement assistance and sustained support during the critical first years of their teaching careers.


University of Maryland (Collage Park), University of Maryland (Baltimore County), Coppin State College, Frostburg State University, Salisburg State University, Towson University, Baltimore City Community College, Anne Arundel CC, Prince George’s CC

Guiding Principles

• New kinds of content and pedagogy courses will provide strong interdisci-plinary preparation for teaching mathematics and science and will model instruction that reflects constructivist principles of learning.

• Science and mathematics internship opportunities will give prospective teachers genuine experience of research and of ways that science learning can occur in a variety of informal educational settings.

• Field experiences in schools with exemplary science and mathematics programs will give students practice teaching under the guidance of specially qualified mentor teachers.

• Support for new teachers during their transition from university study to the world of work will provide better continuity at the critical junction of preparation and professional practice.


• Summer Research Internship Program

• Teacher Education Research

• Mentor Teacher Program

Improving Teacher Preparation and Professional Development

• 18 hours of mathematics or statistics courses

• 18 hours of science (physics, chemistry, biology) courses

• A 1 semester internship in the classroom

• Bi-weekly seminar on mathematics and science teaching

• Capstone courses

Expanding Professional Communities

The project recruits freshmen and sophomores at collaborating institutions who are interested in becoming elementary or middle school teachers. The project also enlisted a cadre of community college faculty to provide insights into how to recruit students who transfer into the University System of Maryland.

Project Management Plan


Formative Evaluation Plans

The formative evaluation of the MCTP activities is carried out by the staff of CoreTechs, a private consulting firm run by the former director of the Center for Educational Research and Development at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.

Timeline of Project Activities

Began in 1993.