Eisenhower National Clearinghouse (ENC)

Ohio State University

Director: Len Simutis



U.S. Department of Education


Acquire and catalogs mathematics and science curriculum resources, creating the most comprehensive collection in the nation.

Provide the best selection of math and science education resources on the Internet.

Support teachers' professional development in math, science, and the effective use of technology.

Serve all K-12 educators, parents, and students with free products and services.


ENC's mission is to identify effective curriculum resources, create high-quality professional development materials, and disseminate useful information and products to improve K-12 mathematics and science teaching and learning.


The Eisenhower Regional Consortia, ENC's Demonstration Sites and Access Centers, and the many organizations and publishers that collaborate with or donate materials to ENC.

Guiding Principles

The improvement of science education in the United States

Web Site

The ENC website attempts to collect and distribute education resources for all aspects of K-12 mathematics and science education. The web site is organized into the following categories: This Week, Curriculum Resources, Web Links, Professional Resources, and Topics.


The ENC publishes a quarterly magazine called Focus.

Other Products and Services

The ENC produces CD-ROMs and specialized publications. The ENC collects and catalogues mathematics and science education resources which are housed in the ENCs national repository. Each record, of more than 19,000 resources, has more than 20 fields of information. Records are searchable online.

Project Management Plan

The ENC has a steering committee and an Advisory Board.


Formative Evaluation Plans


Timeline of Project Activities