The Center for the Enhancement of Science and Mathematics Education

Northeastern University

Director: Marilyn Roode Decker


Northeastern University and The National Science Foundation


To create awareness of the need to implement standards-based curriculum

To support the implementation of standards-based curriculum

To provide high quality professional development in mathematics and science teaching


IMPACT 5 years - Strives to accelerate the implementation of standards-based instructional materials throughout New England.

Statewide Implementation Project (SIP) - Provided districts with multi-year funding, implementation guidance, professional development guided by curriculum developers, and links to statewide and national reform efforts.

Teacher Innovation Program (TIP) - Allowed CESAME to support classroom teachers as they created and implemented innovative teaching strategies that will improve children's access to, excitement about, and understanding of mathematics and science.

Curriculum Selection and Implementation Assistance

CESAME supports curriculum selection and implementation by helping 1) select and pilot curriculum materials, 2) implement a standards-based curriculum, 3) with materials management, 4) standards-based curriculum awareness sessions, 5) assessment, and 6) deepening mathematical and science content.

Professional Development

CESAME provides training in the following curricula: Science and Technology for Children (STC), Integrated Mathematics Program (IMP), Connected Mathematics Project (CMP), Investigations in Number, Data, and Space, Full Option Science System (FOSS), Everyday Mathematics, MathConnections

Community and Parents

CESAME provides seminars and workshops in the following topics: The parent's role in science and mathematics reform, and Planning Family Mathematics and Science events

Leadership Development

CESAME provides seminars and workshops in the areas of strategic planning for districts, and teacher leader support.



Project Management Plan



Formative Evaluation Plans


Susan B. Cohen, CESAME Evaluator

Timeline of Project Activities