Computer Algebra Systems in Schools and Curriculum, Assessment & Teaching Project (CAS-CAT Project)

Faculty of Education, University of Melborne

Contact Investigator: Lynda Ball


University of Melbourne, Australian Research Grant Strategic Partnerships with Industry Scheme, Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (formerly Board of Studies), Texas Instruments, Hewlett-Packard, Shriro Australia (CASIO)


This study aims to explore the feasibility of offering new mathematics subjects that incorporate the extensive use of CAS, both in the classroom and in formal assessment.


This study is investigating the changes that regular access to calculators equipped with a computer algebra system will have on senior mathematics subjects, including curriculum, teaching methods and associated assessment in Victoria, Australia.





Project Activities

 In Victoria, schools provide Year 11 and 12 subjects for the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE). Final grades, which are used for various purposes including selection to tertiary courses, are derived from tasks set at the school and external examinations. Subject to the continuing approval of the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (formerly the Board of Studies), the curriculum, teaching methods and formal assessment undertaken by students in three project schools will be altered, culminating with the trial of an alternative VCE Mathematics subject with CAS active examinations in 2002.


The project has produced no results to date. Select publications of the various researches can be found at

Professional Development

To assist teachers who are considering using CAS with their classes and also those currently using CAS, the Department of Science and Mathematics Education is offering “Teaching Mathematics with CAS” in 2002. “Teaching Mathematics with CAS” can be undertaken either as a subject as part of a Master of Education or as professional development.

Research Projects

Along with the CAS-CAT Project a number of the researchers also are also conducting other related research projects.

Project Management Plan



Formative Evaluation Plans


Timeline of Project Activities


2000 - 2002