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Seminar on Financial Mathematics

May 27, 1998,


4:30 - 6:00 p.m.
Valuation and Hedging of Securities with Default Risk
Mark Davis, Research and Product Development, Tokyo-Mitsubishi International (London, England)
Stuart Turnbull, CIBC/Queen's University
Alan White, University of Toronto
Glen Swindle, Credit Suisse First Boston Corporation


Valuation and Hedging of Securities with Default Risk
Mark Davis, Tokyo-Mitsubishi International plc (London, England)

If a liquidly-traded corporate bond trades at below its "theoretical value" this can only be because of the possibility of default. The talk will dscribe how the distribution of the default time can be inferred from market bond prices and how this information can be used to price simple "credit derivatives" such as default swaps. More complicated products such as credit spread options will also be described, as well as some optimal hedging problems. In these problems the default time is the killing time of some underlying Markov process.


Mark Davis is Director and Head of Research and Product Development at Tokyo-Mitsubishi International (TMI), a London-based investment banking subsidiary of the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi. His group at TMI is concerned with pricing models and risk management for derivative securities. Prior to joining TMI in 1995, Mark Davis was Professor of System Theory at Imperial College, London, specializing in stochastic analysis and control theory. His publications include three books, most recently "Markov Models and Optimization" (Chapman & Hall, 1993). He holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley and an ScD in Mathematics from Cambridge University, and is a Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society and of the Institute for Mathematical Statistics.


Claudio Albanese (Mathematics, University of Toronto), Phelim Boyle (Finance, University of Waterloo), Michel Crouhy (Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce), Donald A. Dawson (Fields Institute), Ron Dembo (President, Algorithmics Inc.), Thomas McCurdy (Management, University of Toronto), Gordon Roberts (Finance, York University), and Stuart Turnbull (Economics, Queen's University)


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