July 17, 2024

Alternative Investment and Hedge Fund Workshop

The Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences and SIGMA Analysis & Management workshop on alternative investments to be held Thursday June 14, 2001.

We have invited 4 internationally known hedge funds to speak at this conference. Each hedge fund has a different mandate/discipline.

    • CDC a $3.5 billion market neutral fixed income investor
    • Highland Capital, an $8 billion distressed debt investor
    • Concordia Asset Management, a market neutral, equity and debt investor
    • Millburn Ridgefield, a $1 billion Trading Advisor

The theme of the conference is three fold:

  1. An examination of alternative investments for suitability as an investment by institutional investors.
  2. A detailed review of the individual strategies (by the manager).
  3. A review of SIGMA's research to date and what to look for in manager attributes.
SIGMA's research is concentrated on how managers should be combined to reduce volatility and smooth returns.

Prof. Luis Seco, SIGMA will comment on strategies employed to reduce overall portfolio volatility