September  4, 2015

Commercial and Industrial Mathematics Program Calendar

To cooperate with business, enabling technology transfer between mathematical scientists and the information society


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Wed Apr 24

5:00 p.m.

Quantitative Finance Seminar

Carol Alexander (University of Sussex)

Nice Moment Swaps

Sergey Nadtochiy (University of Michigan)

Weak Reflection Principle and Static Hedging of Barrier Options

Fields Institute, Room 230

Tue Jun 4

5:00 p.m.

Industrial Optimization Seminar

Kai Huang (McMaster University)

Benchmarking Non-First-Come-First-Served Component Allocation in an Assemble-To-Order System

Giles Laurier (Capstone Technology)

Industrial Plant Optimization in Reduced Dimensional Spaces

Fields Institute, Room 230

Wed Jun 26

AIMA-The Alternative Investment Management Association

Fields Institute, Room 230