July  2, 2016

2000 CRM-Fields Prize Winner: Professor Israel Michael Sigal

January 2000 -The Centre de recherches mathématiques and the Fields Institute are pleased to announce the winner of the CRM-Fields prize for 1999: Professor Israel Michael Sigal of the University of Toronto

Israel Michael Sigal is one of the leading experts in the mathematical analysis of non-relativistic quantum theory worldwide. His theorem with Soffer on the N-body problem provided a completely rigorous solution to a major unsolved problem due to Schroedinger and was critical in establishing a firm mathematical foundation for quantum mechanics. His recent contributions to quantum electrodynamics provide a consistent mathematical description of the theory proposed by Feynmann, Schwinger and Tomonaga and represents a revolutionary approach to the subject. Professor Sigal received his bachelor's degree from Gorky University and his doctorate from Tel-Aviv University. Among his many honours, he has given addresses at the International Congress on Mathematical Physics and International Congress of Mathematics. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada and received the John L. Synge Award for outstanding work by a Canadian mathematician in 1993. He is an editor of the Duke Mathematical Journal and Reviews in Mathematical Physics. He is currently a University Professor and holds the Norman Stuart Robinson Chair at the University of Toronto.

Profess Sigal will present his lecture at both institutes in fall 2000.