June 26, 2016

Fields 20th Anniversary Math/Art Project!

Call for Memorabilia from past visitors and all friends of the Fields Institute
The Fields Institute invites contributions to a 20th Anniversary Math / Art Collaboration Project. We are soliciting graphs, models, formulas, sketches, quotations, hand-written notes, diagrams, photos, etc. that illustrate the range of activity in the mathematical sciences that took place at Fields over the past two decades. Up to one hundred of these submissions will then be montaged into a single commemorative art work by digital collage artist Ron Wild.

Please submit digital files of your Fields-related memorabilia to Ron at mathartproject@fields.utoronto.ca.



The Fields Institute
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For more information, please contact
Andrea Yeomans, Communications Officer:
Telephone: (416) 348-9710 x3024
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Website: www.fields.utoronto.ca