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June 25, 2016


Fields Institute announces six newly inducted Fields Institute Fellows

TORONTO, June 29, 2006 - The Fields Institute is pleased to announce the induction of six new Fields Institute Fellows (FIF) at its Annual General Meeting on June 15, 2006. This lifetime appointment is conferred on certain individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the Fields Institute, its programs, and to the Canadian mathematical community.

The recipients were unanimously agreed upon by the FIF selection committee. The selection committee consisted of Mayer Alvo, Barbara Keyfitz, Ram Murty, Tom Salisbury, and Catherine Sulem. Contributions to the Canadian mathematical community are a consideration in selecting FIFs, but the primary focus has normally been a sustained and varied record of contributions to Fields activities. The 2006 recipients and some of their contributions to Fields are as follows:

Hermann Brunner is a professor of mathematics at Memorial University, and has represented both Memorial and AARMS at Fields at times when they were Fields affiliates. Brunner stepped down as AARMS director this year, making this a suitable time to recognize his contributions to Fields and Canada via AARMS.

Ken Davidson is a professor of pure mathematics at the University of Waterloo. He has a long and sustained record of contributions to Fields, through the Fields program in Operator Algebras, as a Waterloo representative to Fields, as chair of the Fields reallocations committee, and then as Director of the Institute.

George Gadanidis is an associate professor of education at the University of Western Ontario. He has given significant support to the Fields program in Mathematics Education. He has served and continues to serve on the steering committee of the Fields Mathematics Education Forum.

David Rudd is one of the principals of Sigma Analysis and Management, which is a start-up firm partially housed in the Fields Institute. As such he has consistently been a source of advice for the commercial and industrial mathematics program at Fields. Individually and through Sigma he has donated both time and money in support of a variety of projects at Fields.

Nicole Tomczak-Jaegermann is a professor and Canada Research Chair in mathematics at the University of Alberta. She is a distinguished researcher in functional analysis, and a
member of the Royal Society of Canada. She is the winner of the 2006 CRM-Fields-PIMS prize and will deliver her prize lectures during the coming academic year.

Noriko Yui is a professor of mathematics at Queen's University. She was nominated by her department for appointment as a FIF. She is a frequent visitor to Fields, where she organizes an ongoing and successful series of Fields weekend workshops on algebraic varieties and Calabi-Yau manifolds. She serves on the Fields Institute editorial board, where she has been highly active in soliciting and reviewing manuscripts.

See the Call for Nominations for information about putting people forward for this honour in 2007. For more information about the history of this award, please visit our Fields Institute Fellows page.

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