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June 25, 2016


Fields Institute appoints Juris Steprans as Deputy Director

TORONTO, November 18, 2005. Juris Steprans, Professor of Mathematics and Statistics at York University, has been appointed Deputy Director of the Fields Institute, beginning July 1, 2006.

As Deputy Director, Steprans will assist the Fields Institute's Director, Professor Barbara Lee Keyfitz of the University of Houston, in providing leadership to the Institute's mathematical research and education programs. A graduate of Waterloo University, Juris Steprans received a Mathematics PhD in 1982 from the University of Toronto in the field of set theory. He has taught at the University of Wisconsin (Madison), the University of Warsaw and the University of Latvia. He has spent extended periods at other institutions, including Rutgers University. His principal work involves applications of set theoretic methods to questions in mathematical analysis, algebra, measure theory and topology.
He is the author of over fifty research papers and has organized numerous research conferences and special sessions.

Steprans has been an active participant at the Fields Institute for a number of years, which led to his being named a Fellow of the Institute in 2004. Perhaps his most significant contribution was as an organizer (with Stevo Todorcevic, Alexander Kechris, Alan Dow and Claude Laflamme) of the semester long thematic program in Set Theory and its Applications to Analysis. His service to his profession includes his current positions on the Board of Directors of the Canadian Mathematical Society (CMS), and as chair of the CMS Publications Committee. He has just finished a term as chair of Grant Selection committee for Pure Mathematics, of the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council. He was co-organizer and editor of the proceedings of the very successful two week long STACY conference on set theory and topology held at York University.

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