June 24, 2016

The Fields Institute Establishes Centre For Research in Personal Financial Risk Management

Toronto, Ontario, February 7, 2001 – The Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences today announced the creation of The Individual Finance and Insurance Decisions (IFID) Centre. Moshe Arye Milevsky, Ph.D., a noted financial author, consultant and professor at York University's Schulich School of Business will serve as the first Executive Director of The IFID Centre.

The broad objectives of The IFID Centre are to disseminate and conduct applied research in the growing field of financial risk management for individuals. This includes the obvious areas of finance and insurance as well as economics, actuarial science, taxation, operations research, law, psychology, sociology and marketing as they pertain to individual consumers and their financial decisions.

Research projects at The IFID Centre will be partially supported by AIG, CANNEX, Manulife, TIAA-CREF, The Society of Actuaries and a variety of other participants and organizations in the financial services industry.

According to Ted Cadsby, President and CEO of CIBC Securities and a Board Member of The IFID Centre, "There is much to be investigated in the field of individual finance and it is incumbent on the industry to stay ahead of the increasing sophistication of the retail investor ".

The IFID Centre will engage in a variety of activities. The first will be to link and support a wide network of researchers who are interested in the topic of personal financial risk management. To this end, The IFID Centre will establish a series of academic research papers, a quarterly e-newsletter, and an annual conference that will bring together leading thinkers, researchers and practitioners in the field of personal financial risk management. The IFID Centre will also engage in focused consulting and contract work for various industry participants and government agencies.

The IFID Centre is being housed at the Fields Institute, which is a world-class research facility in the mathematical sciences. The Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada and the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities support the Institute. The Fields Institute works with partners from across Canada to foster University-Industry collaborations. The Institute’s research activities strive to promote Canada’s continuing contributions in the international mathematics community.

For further information please contact:

Professor Moshe A. Milevsky

Executive Director, The IFID Centre

222 College Street, Toronto, Ontario

Tel: (416) 348-9710 ext: 3010

Fax: (416) 348-9714