June 26, 2016


CRM-Fields-PIMS Prize
The CRM-Fields-PIMS prize has become the premier Canadian award for research achievements in the mathematical sciences. It is awarded jointly by the three Canadian mathematics institutes. The winner receives a monetary award, and an invitation to present a lecture at each institute within one year after the award is announced.

The prize recognizes exceptional achievement in the mathematical sciences. It was established by the Centre de recherches mathematiques and the Fields Institute as the CRM-Fields prize in 1994. In 2005, PIMS became an equal partner. The name changed to the CRM-Fields-PIMS prize, the award level increased, and the terms of reference were revised. The winner is selected by a committee appointed by the three institutes.

The winner's research should have been conducted primarily in Canada or in affiliation with a Canadian university. The main selection criterion is outstanding contribution to the advancement of research. Nominations should be submitted by November 1, see Call for Nominations or Appel à candidatures

CRM-Fields-PIMS Prize/Prix CRM-Fields-PIMS

2016 Daniel Wise, McGill University
Kai Behrend, University of British Columbia
2014 Niky Kamran, Université McGill
2013 Bruce Reed, Université McGill
2012 Stevo Todorcevic, University of Toronto
Mark Lewis, University of Alberta
2010 Gordon Slade, University of British Columbia
2009 Martin Barlow, University of British Columbia
2008 Allan Borodin, University of Toronto
2007 Joel S. Feldman, University of British Columbia
2006 Nicole Tomczak-Jaegermann, University of Alberta

CRM-Fields Prize/Prix CRM-Fields
2005 David Boyd, University of British Columbia
2004 Donald Dawson, Carleton
2003 John McKay, Concordia, and Edwin Perkins, UBC (joint winners)
2002 John B. Friedlander, Toronto
2001 William T. Tutte, Waterloo
2000 Israel Michael Sigal, Toronto
1999 Stephen A. Cook, Toronto
1998 Robert Moody, Alberta
1997 James Arthur, Toronto
1996 George A. Elliott, Fields Institute/Toronto/Copenhagen
1995 H.S.M. "Donald" Coxeter, Toronto


Call for Nominations [ français ]

The Centre de recherches mathématiques (CRM), the Fields Institute, and the Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences (PIMS) invite nominations for the joint CRM-Fields-PIMS prize, awarded in recognition of exceptional research achievement in the mathematical sciences.

The selection committee is appointed by the three institutes and will select the CRM-Fields-PIMS prize recipient on the basis of outstanding contributions to the advancement of the mathematical sciences, with excellence in research as the main selection criterion. The candidate’s research should have been conducted primarily in Canada or in affiliation with a Canadian university.

A monetary prize will be awarded, and the recipient will be asked to present a lecture at the CRM, the Fields Institute, and PIMS.

The final deadline for nominations is November 1. Nominations should be submitted by at least two sponsors of recognized stature, and must include the following: three supporting letters, curriculum vitae, list of publications, and up to four preprints. Nominations will remain active for two years. At most one prize will be awarded during any academic year.

Submit 2016 nominations to
to:nominations<at>pims.math.ca. Only electronic submissions will be accepted, and complete nominations must be submitted in a single pdf file.

Only electronic submissions will be accepted.The prize was established in 1994 as the CRM-Fields prize. Renamed in 2005, all subsequent prizes have been awarded jointly by all three institutes.

Appel à candidatures

Le Centre de recherches mathématiques (CRM), le Fields Institute et le Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences (PIMS) lancent un appel à candidatures pour le prix conjoint CRM-Fields-PIMS, attribué pour une contribution exceptionnelle à l'avancement de la recherche en mathématiques.

Le comité de sélection est nommé par les trois instituts. Il choisira le lauréat du prix CRM-Fields-PIMS selon ses contributions exceptionnelles aux mathématiques, avec comme principal critère l'excellence en recherches. Les travaux de recherche du candidat doivent avoir été fait au Canada principalement ou en affiliation avec une université canadienne.

Un prix en argent sera accordé et le lauréat devra donner une conférence au CRM, au Fields Institute et au PIMS.

La date butoir pour les candidatures est le 1er novembre. Les candidatures doivent être parrainées par au moins deux personnes renommées et doivent inclure: trois lettres d'appui, un curriculum vitae, une liste de publications et jusqu'à quatre prépublications. Les candidatures demeureront actives pendant deux ans. Tout au plus un prix sera attribué lors d'une année académique.

Soumettre les candidatures à:

Seules les soumissions électroniques seront acceptées.

Le prix CRM-Fields a été créé en 1994. Il est devenu le prix CRM-Fields-PIMS en 2005, année à partir de laquelle les trois instituts se sont unis pour décerner le prix.