June 30, 2016


Dean’s Distinguished Visiting Professorship

The Dean's Distinguished Visiting Professorship is a joint program of the Fields Institute with the Faculty of Arts and Science, and the Department of Mathematics of the University of Toronto. Each year, the program brings a leading international researcher in the mathematical sciences to give a full-term course connected to a Fields Institute program, for graduate and advanced undergraduate students of the University of Toronto and other students participating in the program.

The Dean's Distinguished Visiting Professorship currently provides a stipend of $50,000, for a visitor to be in residence throughout a term. The Dean's Distinguished Visiting Professor is selected by a committee representing the Fields Institute and the Department of Mathematics. Nominations can be made either to the Director of the Institute or to the Chair of the Department of Mathematics.

Gilles Villard (CNRS, Université de Lyon)
September to December 2015

Graduate course on Introduction to Computer Algebra MAT1901HF

Thematic Program on Computer Algebra

Nassif Ghoussoub (University of British Columbia)
September to December 2014
Graduate Course on Applied Analysis I: Self-dual variational calculus in PDE and mass transport MAT1501HF

July-December 2014
Thematic Program on Variational Problems in Physics, Economics and Geometry

N. Christopher Phillips (Oregon)
January to June 2014

Thematic Program on Abstract Harmonic Analysis, Banach and Operator Algebras

Archives of the Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach

Nikita Karpenko (Université Paris 6)
January to June 2013

Graduate Course on Algebraic and Geometric Theory of Quadratic Forms

Thematic Program on Torsors, Nonassociative Algebras and Cohomological Invariants

Artur Avila (IMPA and Paris VI)
January to April 2011

Course from on Ergodic and Spectral Theory of Quasiperiodic Cycles

Thematic Program on Dynamics and Transport in Disordered Systems


Nizar Touzi (Centre de Mathématiques Appliquées, Ecole Polytechnique)
January to June, 2010
Course on Stochastic control, BSDEs, and Applications to Finance
January - June, 2010 Thematic Program on Quantitative Finance: Foundations and Applications

Nizar Touzi is world expert in control problems of stochastic differential equations. He obtained major results in probabilistic representations of solutions of nonlinear partial derivative equations.
The lecture notes especially prepared by Touzi for the graduate course he gave during the Thematic Program on Quantitative Finance were published as a Fields Institute Monograph

Lenore Blum (Carnegie Mellon)
September to October, 2009

Course on Complexity and Accuracy in Numeric Computations

Thematic Program on the Foundations of Computational Mathematics

Yum-Tong Siu (Harvard University)
September to December, 2008

Course on Transcendental Methods in Algebraic Geometry

Thematic Program on Arithmetic Geometry, Hyerbolic Geometry and Related Topics

Yum-Tong Siu gave an enlightening and entertaining course on transcendental techniques in complex geometry. One of his themes in the course can be summed up by the following analogy: in both arithmetic geometry and hyperbolic geometry, metrics play a central role; in arithmetic geometry, one tries to concentrate the curvature at points, while in complex geometry, one tries to spread the curvature out over the entire space. Through this analogy, Siu suggested ways to think about the correspondence between the two areas.